Team Build Face 2 Face Pop Art Portraits

The Team Building Face-2-Face Pop Art Portrait Workshop is a 3 hour studio in house session or off site session, that enables artists and non-artists alike the opportunity to learn portrait painting techniques, while nurturing their inner artist and creativity but most importantly understanding your team building goals.

What are the Benefits?

This workshop offers a rare opportunity for communication, goal setting, trust, mentoring, adjusting,  bonding, and nurturing relationships within various group related task, that can then be applied to real life situations.  At MOCAH we believe that everyone is an artist and this workshop offers a memorable experience and lasting works of art. This workshop enables creativity while giving the participants the chance to walk away with a master-piece of their own hand-made art.

The funds raised will benefit MOCAH programs and help us continue our mission of raising awareness through public art.


Notice: This workshop is suitable for children over 8 years old and parent(s) and/or adult(s) per child are required to be present.    Please call Sam Turner (713) 224-2787 for additional questions.



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