Our History


Our mission is to use public art and creativity as tools for social awareness, educational enrichment and community development.


  • Encourage creative awareness and the appreciation of art and cultural diversity through community participation and involvement in the arts.
  • Support the practice of traditional cultural art forms and disciplines.
  • Empower community members by using multidisciplinary art methods that reinforce learning skills, which promote individual and social health awareness.
  • Record and document past, present and future artists of various cultures and genres.
  • Recover traditional and historical artistic methods used for juxtaposing art into daily life.
  • Facilitate innovative programs, activities, and events, which strengthen the relationships between    artists, communities, and public/private businesses.


MOCAH is a tax-exempt 501(c) (3) cultural arts organization co-founded in 1999 by artists, Reginald and Rhonda Adams. The evolution of the Museum of Cultural Arts, Houston began from the founders’ vision to create an arts institution without walls, an organization that will go to the people who are unable to come to it.

After spending a decade working with community based arts organizations in the Houston area, the founders realized that one of the largest cultural voids in the inner city and urban communities was the lack of exposure and access to the arts. Despite the growing number of museums, galleries and arts spaces found in Houston, large populations of children and their families still do not visit these creative and cultural destinations. With this understanding the founding artists pursued the creation of an arts organization that would focus entirely on filling this void and then strategize projects and programs that would function as outreach tools to serve these targeted audiences.

Thorough our combined programs we have served over 12,900 at-risk underserved youth in communities across Houston. Our programs have operated in over 40 public schools throughout the city. MOCAH has invested more than $2.8MM in community art projects and civic art commissions throughout Houston, providing over 90 professional and emerging artists with employment opportunities.

Outreach is at the core of MOCAH’s existence. MOCAH is expanding its’ reach beyond classrooms, clinics, canvases and mural walls. We are using art as a tool for community development. The organization is headquartered in Houston, Texas. MOCAH functions as a service provider as well as a producer and consultant of public art and other related art activities and media. Since our inception in 1999, MOCAH has initiated outreach programs to extend to underserved communities in the greater Houston area, particularly underserved inner-city neighborhoods.


MOCAH is nestled in the heart of downtown Houston’s historic artists’ warehouse district. Located at 908 Wood Street, MOCAH occupies a 12,000 square foot warehouse that provides administrative office space, studio and gallery space. The organization has been located in the current building since September 2006. This centralized location allows for easy access to the communities and audiences that MOCAH serves.