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Happy Holidays MOCAH Friends, Patrons, Volunteers and Supporters!

Dear MOCAH Friends,

14 years ago my wife, Rhonda Radford-Adams, and I birthed an idea to bring the arts into urban communities across Houston.  The idea has enabled us to plant seeds of creativity in 50 public and private schools in the area.    Those seeds have grown and flourished and over the past decade this idea has enabled us to engage more than 25,000 youth and adults in the co-creation of more than 150 community-based public art projects and programs.  These projects can be found in some of Houston’s most historic neighborhoods and communities.  Local artists and artists from around the world have played a part in this creative journey.  The initial concept evolved into what many have come to know as the Museum of Cultural Arts Houston (MOCAH).

Lots of lives have been touched, lessons learned and legacies left throughout Houston over this period of time.   We have been extremely fortunate to work with so many dedicated volunteers, organizations, funders and businesses that are committed to using the arts to improve the quality of life in Houston, Texas.  These partnerships and collaborations have been the source of our growth and evolution from a simple idea to becoming one of the leading producers of public art in Houston.

As we approach our 15th year of service to Houston we have decided to take the best practices of MOCAH, close this chapter of our work and wind down the organizational operations of the Museum of Cultural Arts Houston effective December 31, 2013.  Even though MOCAH may no longer operate as an organization the legacy of the MOCAH will continue to exist as long as the hundreds of projects and thousands of people that have been touched by MOCAH exist.   At the same time we are winding MOCAH down we are ramping up our focus towards bringing public art to communities across Houston through a private entity, Reginald C. Adams LLC.   What you can expect from Reginald C. Adams is a hyper focus towards bringing public art and creative experiences to businesses, neighborhoods and communities throughout Houston.   The healing arts programming will continue to develop and evolve under the creative endeavors of Art by Rhonda Radford Adams,

On behalf of our board of directors, staff, artists and volunteers we want to thank each of you who have helped MOCAH over the years with your time, money, energy, ideas and good will.  None of this work would be possible without you.

Thank you again for an amazing ride, Happy Holidays and the best is yet to come!


Reginald C. Adams                                                                           Rhonda Radford-Adams

Co-Founder/President                                                                       Co-Founder


Volunteer at The Bayou City Arts Festival Downtown 2013!

Volunteer for MOCAH at The Bayou City Arts Festival Downtown 2013!

As festival partners, 100 percent of the proceeds from the festival go back to the non-profit partners and the communities they assist.  Help us to reach our goal to bring 100 volunteers to this year’s festival!


 Sign Up NOW it’s as easy as …..




2013 Downtown Bayou City Art Festival Volunteer Registration

Volunteers lending a hand for the festival while also supporting and helping to FUNdraise for nonprofits such as MOCAH !


Free admission
Free T-shirt 
Community Service Credit

Note: You must be 18 or older to volunteer without a chaperone. Also, you can be at least 16 years of age to volunteer with a 21+ chaperone.




The success of the festival would not be possible without our volunteers…

Your time truly makes a difference!

In addition, if one volunteer signs up at least another friend, family member, or co-worker we would be able to exceed our goal for the festival!  Simply forward this message to them and let them know what an awesome experience this will be!

Peace and Smiles!
Art Angels Volunteer Network
Museum of Cultural Arts Houston (MOCAH)

713.224.2787 |


Registration Now Open for Sacred Sites Quest 4 (SSQ4)

Registration Now Open for SSQ4:


The Boniuk Institute’s enrollment process for our 4th annual Sacred Sites Quest (SSQ4) is now open for interested participants. Any and all local 8th – 12th graders are eligible to join SSQ4, which formally kicks off on Saturday, September 28th.

Space permitting, however, enrollment will remain open throughout October too, until our participant limit is reached. Applications can be completed online via the Boniuk Institute’s website at:


Additional information about SSQ4 is also posted there online—including the SSQ4 schedule of visits and capstone art and service project sessions. We will make a series of site visits to a variety of religious congregations to observe several worship services in process. Then the students will spend the final two months collaborating on a capstone art and service project to install a labyrinth in the prayer garden of Mt. Carmel Church in Houston’s Freedman’s Town.

The metaphor and archetype of the Labyrinth will thus be an ongoing theme—or motif—for SSQ4. Our SSQ students are really excited to begin our 4th Boniuk Institute Sacred Sites Quest. And they are eager for lots of like-minded student pilgrims & fellow explorers to join them in their adventures through all sorts of faiths and religious traditions. So please encourage any teenagers you know to check out this unique opportunity and apply!


For more information contact: Sam Turner at 713.224.2787 or

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Artist Of The Year Creates A “Healing Hand”

The Periwinkle Foundation and Texas Children’s Cancer and Hematology Centers (TCCHC) are pleased to present Making A Mark 2013; an exhibition of art and creative writing by children touched by cancer and blood disorders at Texas Children’s Cancer & Hematology Centers. Since its debut in 1991, Making A Mark annually displays more than 200 entries from children in treatment centers around the world.  September 8th marked the opening exhibit that will be featured at Texas Children’s Hospital is the first stop on a journey to museums, hospitals and airports throughout the United States.


The artwork created by children touched by cancer will be a powerful part  of an exhibit that spreads awareness and celebrates the triumphs of children battling cancer and blood disorders and their siblings. President/CEO of MOCAH, Reginald Charles Adams has been honored by the Periwinkle Foundation as their 2013 “Artist of the Year”.   Adams has engaged more than 40 children and long-term cancer survivors in a series of workshops at TCCHC  and at The Museum of Cultural Arts Houston to create “Healing Hand” sculptures. “Healing Hands” where cast from the hands of the TCCHC patients, family members, doctors nurses and long-term cancer survivors.  Each casted hand is then painted and placed within a mosaic flower pot that was also created by long-term survivors and MOCAH Art Angel Volunteers.


The symbolic reference of the mosaic flower pot speaks to the nurturing power of care the patients receive and the hands reaching out symbolizes the hope for growth, life and well being. Special thank you to all the staff of the Texas Children’s Hospital and the Perwinkle Foundation, MOCAH’s Art Angels, the children and adults battling cancer and all who have helped make today such an amazing experience.

Lesson learned: live everyday as if was your last as tomorrow is not promised.


MOCAH Salutes Super Art Angels!

MOCAH Art Angels Volunteers of the Month!

MOCAH is proud to introduce our newest Art Angel Volunteer Interns.  Thanks their remarkable skills and interest in MOCAH’s Mission, we are looking forward to great momentum and growth with both of these rising stars!

Kita Costner:

Lakita Costner is currently a Masters of Fine Art Candidate at Houston Baptist University. She received her Bachelors of Applied Art and Design from University of Houston Clear Lake. Creativity and visual art education has been a part of her life since she was a child. Her artwork has been shown in galleries throughout the world including Dallas, New York, and the Czech Republic.

“I decided to intern with The Museum of Cultural Arts Houston because of the strong foundation and encouragement of creative freedom spread throughout the City of Houston. Under the influence of knowledgeable professional artist I knew I could gain some real-life experience that would help solidify my future endeavors. “    -Kita

Taylor Ballard: 

Taylor Brione Ballard, a rising senior at the University of Houston. Minoring in Non-Profit Management, she is  completing her internship hours here at MOCAH.

” I’m excited to use my event planning and social media skills to help this organization continue to help build beautiful communities and increase social awareness.”